Pohela Boishakh Picture Download, Wallpaper, Saree, Bangla SMS Collection

Pohela Boishakh Picture Download, Wallpaper, Saree, Bangla SMS Collection

Pohela Boishakh History and Tradition 

Pohela Boishakh is the best celebration among Bengali people in Bangladesh and India. It was started when Mughal King Akbar found Bengali calendar. 

Most of the time it happens on April and its Bengali’s happy new year.
They celebrate that day with huge fun, dedication, colors, dresses, saree, and some many types of food. If you’re a traveler and you visit Bangladesh while they having this occasion, you can see the color of Bengal.
You know what; Bangladesh is a pretty different as a country in Asia and other continents in the world. You won’t find friendly people like Bengalis all over the world. They love people, they respect people and most importantly they care.
And you will get the best care if you arrive there while they having any celebration, such as Eid, Puja or Pohela Boishakh.

So guys, in this post I’m going to share a lot of things about this special occasion. Maybe you will be able to know lots of new things from here. I will provide some wallpaper to download, some pictures, SMS and most importantly Bengali beautiful girls who are making them up on Pohela Boishakh with great and beautiful saree.

Pohela Boishakh Food

Food is a special part of this special occasion. Bengali families love makes several kinds of foods in this day. The main menu in the morning is ‘Panta Bhat and ilish mach Vaja’. Actually, it’s a traditional food here in Bangladesh. 
There are so many food items available this day; here I will provide some delicious food photos that will make you hungry.
1. Panta Bhat
2. Ilish Mach Vaja
3. Different Kinds of Bhorta/Chatni/pickles

4. Beef Rezala
5. Rasgulla
6. Muri Ghonto
7. Puri/Poori
8. Alur Dam
9. Dudh puli
10. Lobongo Lotika

And so many more items, that I can’t finish writing. Here I’m going to attach so many tasty and delicious food photos for you. You can find recipes on YouTube. 
pohela boishakh food menu
A Complete Dish for Pahela Baishakh 
This Bhat, Mach and Vorta dish is awesome. Actually that's a regular food dish for Bengali people from countryside. But the town people eat this on this special festival only. 
I love to eat these items. 
pohela boishakh food recipe
Bhat, Mach, and Vorta

Luxurious Pohela Boishakh Food Menu
Luxurious Pohela Boishakh Food Menu
This tray is full of some really tasty and traditional food in Pohela Boishakh.
pohela boishakh picture
Traditional Food in The Day
If someone eats that food once, he can't forget it ever. He will want to eat it again and again.
pohela boishakh song
Bhat, Puri, Dal, Mangso and Many More Items

pohela boishakh picture free download
A Big Dish

pohela boishakh image
Wao, Food is Ready for Boishakh Morning

pohela boishakh wallpaper
Do You Know That Food? Isn't it Delicious? 

pohela boishakh celebration
Don't Miss Vorta, They are Awesome

pohela boishakh photo
Little Different Foods

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Pohela Boishakh Saree

Hey girls, do you know what ‘Saree’ is? Saree is traditional Bangladeshi wear for girls and ladies. Seriously, I’ve never seen such a beautiful girl dress in this world. I will provide a few photos of Saree and Bangladeshi girls as well. You can see them here.
pohela boishakh saree
Two Beautiful Bengali Girl 
Bengali girls are really beautiful and in this festive time, you can see their real beauty in their Traditional saree.
pohela boishakh saree photos
Girl Posing Wearing Saree

This cute little Bengali beauty has dressed according to Tradition and she is smiling great. 
pohela boishakh dresses
Kid Wearing Saree on Celebration

pohela boishakh photography
Smiling People on the Day

pohela boishakh in bangla
Few Cute Girls Wearing Pohela Boishakh Saree

pohela boishakh dress design
Girls walking wearing Red Saree

pohela boishakh wishes
Two Friends, Maybe Lesbian in Pohela Boishakh

pohela boishakh ecard
Red Saree and Flower

pohela boishakh sarees
Pohela Boishakh Fashion Show

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Pohela Boishakh Picture Download

Pohela Boishakh has its own color, tradition, and diversity. If you can join in any celebration, you can enjoy the color. Here I’m providing some Pohela Boishakh pictures for you all. You can see those and can understand a little bit about the celebration.
pohela boishakh bangladesh
All Foods for Pohela Boishakh

pohela boishakh banner
Mongol Shuvajatra - Famous Pohela Boishakh Rally 
pohela boishakh gif
Another Photo from the Rally

pohela boishakh quotes
A Small Part of Rally

pohela boishakh saj
Great Work on Rally

pohela boishakh alpona
Artists are Doing Some Creative Job

pohela boishakh hairstyle
Beautiful Gils on the Day

pohela boishakh food
Food Again

pohela boishakh card
Artists Again! 
pohela boishakh ecard
Card Desing

Pohela Boishakh Bangla SMS

In this day, we look for unique and beautiful SMS to send people. You can see a few pohela boishakh Bangla sms here; you can use those in the day.
pohela boishakh bangla sms

pohela boishakh kobita bangla

pohela boishakh message

pohela boishakh kobita

pohela boishakh quotes in bengali

Few Pohela Boishakh Celebrating Videos from YouTube


A Funny Video by 'Dhaka Guyz'


Pohela Boishakh in NSU


Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve known some unknown facts about Pohela Boishakh.