Durga Puja Quotes in Bengali and English, Messages and Wishes

History and Tradition

Durga Puja is the happiest celebration among the Hindu’s in Bangladesh and West Bengal. Maybe it’s the biggest religious festival as well. All over the world, Hindu people celebrate this but, in Bangladesh and West Bengal they’ve taken Durga Puja as their main religious event. 

Welcome to QuotePoints, we will share a lot of Durga puja quotes in Bengali and English with you all.
durga puja photos kolkata
The Beautiful Bengal Beauties are Taking Selfie at From of Ma Durga 
durga puja photos download
West Bengal Ladies Having Color on Their Face

durga puja photos for facebook
Gorgeous Bengali Ladies Having fun On Puja

durga puja hot girls
Few Hot Bengal Ladies front of Durga Ma

kumari puja photos
Kumari Puja on Durga Puja - Girl Dressed as Durga

It becomes celebrate on Bengali month ‘Ashshin’, in the autumn season.
As a non-Hindu guy, the most attractive thing in Durga Puja for me is their awesome sculptures. I will definitely include few Durga ma statue images here for you all.
In this post maybe you won’t get a details idea about Durga Puja, because it’s a quote post only, here you will get lots of beautiful quotes based on Durga Puja.
So, let’s start.

Durga Puja Quotes in Bengali

Bengali is the main language in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India. The people who celebrate that as their main religious event are Bengalis. That’s why I’m going to share few Durga Puja Quotes in Bengali here. I hope you will love those quotes. 
durga puja quotes bengali
Himer Porosh Mone Jage
Soboi Jeno Notun Lage 
durga puja quotes
A Quote on Durga Puja by Rabi Thakur

durga puja quotes wishes
Welcoming Ma Durga with Bangla Quote

durga puja quotes in bangla
Icche gulu Akash Chulo
Vaslo megher sari

durga puja wishes in bengali language
Sorotet Meghe Bhaslo Vela

durga puja wishes bengali
Good Art on Durga Puja

Durga Puja Quotes in English

A big number of Hindus are international; they live in several countries in the world. I know that, except Bengali people, other nations don’t celebrate that event with so much seriousness. But after all, they try to stay connected with the religion. That’s why I’m going to post few quotes on Durga puja in English.
durga puja photo frame
Wishing Best in Durga Puja
durga puja kolkata pandals
Shuveccha in Bijoya

durga maa images beautiful
Happy Durga Puja

durga puja pandal
May Maa Bring Joy to You and Your Family

durga maa hd wallpaper
Lots of Love from Maa Durga

Durga Puja Wishes in Bengali

durga puja committee
Happy Durga Maa

durga puja festival
A Painting of Durga Puja Celebration

durga puja 2018 dates
Card for Navami

durga puja photo
Card for Happy Dussehra

durga puja bengali
Wishing You a Happy Durga Puja

diwali laxmi puja vidhi
Happy Durga Puja

durga puja near me
Noida Kalibari

Here I will share a few wish cards, you can use those cards to wish Durga Puja for your friends and family. 


I love to take part in this awesome celebration in Bangladesh. Always, I try to get involved in the event with my Hindu friends. I hope you guys will love the quotes and wishes.
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